Is Minchin’s Matilda heading to the big screen?

Tim Minchin says a film version of his musical Matilda could be released by 2018.

Minchin turned Roald Dahl’s beloved book into an award-winning musical and now hopes to bring it to the big screen as well.

Speaking at the South Bank Sky Arts Awards Minchin said that pre-production on a Matilda film was underway and that he would like the film to be completed by 2018.

“We didn’t want to rush it as we wanted it to be known as a theatre piece. We didn’t want people going to the theatre saying: ‘Oh it’s the musical of that movie.’ You want people seeing the film saying: ‘It’s the movie of that musical'”.

He added: “There is pre-production going on right now and I would like to see it by 2018.”

Minchin also revealed he would consider writing new material for the film, which will be directed by Matthew Warchus, who directed the stage version.

“Apparently you have to add a new song otherwise you can’t win an Oscar,” he joked, adding: “I would not do that for a reason like that, but if the movie asks for a new song I will write a new song.”

Minchin also revealed that the for the film version they would consider casting a woman as Miss Trunchbull (which is usually played by  man in the theatr production).

“It’s a logistical choice for the show, as you want a tall actor who can swing a child and jump over a vault. They have to be strong. Miss Trunchbull as a man is about having to do eight shows a week, doing that physical stuff,” he said.


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