Martin Freeman stars in StartUp

Martin Freeman, Adam Brody and Edi Gathegi lead the cast of new TV series StartUp.

The show will debut on Sony’s US streaming network Crackle on September 6 – there’s no word yet on whether it’ll be available in the UK.

The 10 one-hour episode series is set amongst the unconstrained, yet opportunistic streets of Miami and tells the story of  GenCoin, a brilliant, yet controversial tech idea centered around digital currency – it’s the brainchild of three strangers who don’t necessarily fit the mold of “tech entrepreneurs” and a crooked FBI agent who will go to any length necessary to take them down.

Martin Freeman plays FBI agent Phil Rask, who specialises in financial crimes. Rask crosses paths with Nick Talman, played by Adam Brody, a sharp and intelligent financier at a boutique firm in Miami, but it’s not Talman that Rask is after–it’s his father.

Nick has a problematic relationship with his wealthy, irresponsible father, who disappears and forces Nick to stash his ill-gotten gain—instead of going to the FBI, he decides to hide the money by investing in a tech startup pitched by the unorthodox Izzy Morales, a tech genius played by Otmara Marrero. Edi Gathegi also stars in the series as Ronald Dacey – second-in-command of the local Haitian gang. When Ronald discovers that the money he left with Nick’s father has vanished, Ronald moves on to the next best thing—his son. An unexpected partnership forms between Ronald, Nick and Izzy which culminates in a dangerous alliance that make them a target for Rask, who plans to take a journey to the very pit of darkness to take down the unsuspecting trio.

Let’s hope this gets picked up for the UK!


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