Jack Whitehall to play Marc Bolan

Jack Whitehall will play glam rock star Marc Bolan in a new film for Sky Arts.

Whitehall will star and sing as the T.Rex frontman in When Bowie Met Bolan which is part of the new Urban Myths season.

Luke Treadaway co-stars as David Bowie, alongside Ade Edmondson as Les Conn, who managed them both early in their careers.

The 30 minute film has already been shot and is expected to air next year.

Bowie and Bolan were friends and rivals, both born in 1947 and mentored by legendary producer Tony Visconti.

Bowie spoke about the meeting in a 2005 interview with Word magazine, recalling ‘so there’s me and this mod whitewashing Les’s office. And he goes, “Where d’you get those shoes, man? Where d’you get your shirt?” We immediately started talking about clothes and sewing machines.

‘”Oh I’m gonna be singer and I’m gonna be so big you’re not gonna believe it, man.” Oh, right, well I’ll probably write a musical for you one day. Cos I’m gonna be the greatest writer ever. “No, no, man, you’ve gotta hear my stuff cos I write great things. And I knew a wizard in Paris,” and it was all this. Just whitewashing walls in our manager’s office.’

2 thoughts on “Jack Whitehall to play Marc Bolan”

  1. Really …they can search the earth for an actor tp playMarc noone can come anywhere near it would of been done years ago good luck


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