Channel 4 lands Clooney’s Catch 22

Channel 4 will show George Clooney’s new series Catch 22 in the UK.

Clooney is directing and producing the drama and will also appear in the show as well.

The limited series is being made for Hulu in the US, but Channel 4 has bought the UK rights. However, the series won’t air in the UK until 2019.

Originally Clooney was set to play the show’s lead, but he’s now passed that role over to Kyle Chandler and opted to play a smaller part. Hugh Laurie is als among the series’ cast.

Catch-22 follows the story of Captain John Yossarian, an American air force soldier in WW2 who can’t seem to understand why thousands of people want to send him to an early grave. He’s something of a rebellious anti-hero, fearful yet survivalist, driven half-mad by his will to live.

He dreams of completing his service in order to leave, but his efforts are scuppered by Catch-22, a questionable bureaucratic rule which states that pilots don’t have to fly if they’re certified insane.

However, the same rule also mentions that being driven mad by fear is in fact, a rational emotion, which in turn means that the individual is sane.

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