Monty Python release a new single

The Monty Python gang have gone all country and western with a new version of their song I’m So Worried, released to mark the TV show’s 50th anniversary.

I’m (Still) So Worried is accompanied by an animated music video produced by Terry Gilliam’s daughter Holly.

The song was originally written by Terry Jones and recorded for Monty Python’s Contractual Obligation Album in 1980. Although Jones is now incapacitated by dementia, Terry Gilliam said: ‘He can no longer speak but he can still sing.’

Composer Andre Jacquemin recalls: ‘It was Terry Jones who thought it might be a good idea to see if there was another version to be made out of I’m So Worried. He certainly preferred singing on the country version as it was a lot more fun with the boys.’

Jones’s fellow Pythons have praised the new version.

Michael Palin said: “This anthem to angst is as relevant as it was when Terry Jones recorded it over 200 years ago. If you’re worried at Christmas, join in the chorus.”

And John Cleese said: “I think this catchy little dirge exactly catches how all right-thinking people are feeling at the moment.”

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