Sharon Stone is writing her memoirs

Actress Sharon Stone will publish her memoir in April 2021.

The book, titled The Beauty of Living Twice, will chronicle the actress’ efforts to rebuild her life after suffering a stroke in 2001.

Stone will also talk about her pivotal roles, her friendships, her disappointments and her accomplishments.

According to the publishers, the memoir will reveal how Stone went from a childhood of trauma and violence to a business that in many ways echoed those same assaults, under cover of money and glamour. She will describe the strength and meaning she found in her children, and in her humanitarian efforts. And ultimately, she will share how she fought her way back to find not only her truth, but her family’s reconciliation and love.

Speaking about the book, Stone said: “I dedicate this memoir to my mother, not because it was easy for either of us, but because she taught me the exact things I needed to know to live in this world at this time. I am grateful for this growth opportunity, grateful to be able to humble myself to learn more about relationships, and grateful to the readers who choose to join me in this journey.”

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