David Tennant, Peter Davison unite for new Doctor Who adventure

The Fifth and Tenth Doctors are uniting for a new adventure that will see them pit their wits once again against the Cybermen.

Peter Davison and David Tennant will star in new audio drama Doctor Who – Out of Time: The Gates of Hell.

The drama is the second in a trilogy of multi-Doctor specials from audio drama producers Big Finish, following an August 2020 release that saw the Tenth Doctor (Tennant) meet the Fourth (Tom Baker).

It will be set in Paris, 1809. The Fifth Doctor takes a tour of the Catacombs and meets a sassy Time Agent doing the same… Paris, 1944. The Tenth Doctor misses his target and lands in occupied France. He hides from the Nazis –in the Catacombs. A collision of two Doctors’ timelines triggers a temporal catastrophe, granting the Cybermen dominion over the Earth. The Doctors must travel back in time to find the source of the Cyber-invasion and close the Gates of Hell…

Nicholas Briggs will voice the Cybermen, and the cast also includes Mark Gatiss as Joseph Delon and Shelley Conn as time agent Tina Drake.

“It was slightly intimidating; what with David and Mark Gatiss in the story, I felt like I had to up my game,” said Davison.

Tennant added that working with his father-in-law is “rather nice. It’s lovely. I suppose we first met each other in a work environment so it’s quite nice to revisit that.”

Doctor Who – Out of Time: The Gates of Hell will be released in June.

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