Is David Tennant Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde?

David Tennant is set to star in a new drama series based on the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Hide is being produced by the actor and his wife Georgia Tennant.

It is in development for streaming service Peacock.

According to Deadline, the series is a conspiracy thriller in which a disgraced journalist (David Tennant) stumbles upon a story that could resurrect his career. But he quickly learns he’s seen something he shouldn’t have, and is now the target of unknown adversaries who will do anything to silence him.

On the run as people around him go missing or die, a serious accident has an extraordinary side effect, and he realises there are monsters in the world – and he may be one of them.

“One of my earliest jobs was playing ‘first policeman’ in a BBC radio adaptation of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde,” said David Tennant. “I read the book many years ago and I’ve been fascinated with this character for as long as I can remember. This story has followed me around for years, tapping on my shoulder slightly impatiently. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be playing this character, telling this story and working with these people.”

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