Tennant and Baker take on the Weeping Angels

David Tennant and Colin Baker are teaming up for a new audio drama that will see their Doctors take on the Weeping Angels.

The drama from Big Finish, which will be released in July, will see the Sixth and Tenth Doctors meet when they both find themselves drawn to a city surrounded by the Weeping Angels, and to save a civilisation the Doctors must not blink!

Wink is the third in a trilogy of audio dramas called Out of Time where Tennant’s Doctor meet up with other iterations of himself.

Producer David Richardson said: “The Out of Time series has been about wish fulfilment for us all on the productions. Putting the Tenth Doctor with past incarnations to battle the most loved monsters, what could be better than that?

“It was especially lovely to hear David Tennant tell Colin Baker what a privilege it had been to record with him. Wink is, in every way, a story made out of love for Doctor Who.”


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