Doctor Who to mark International Women’s Day 202

Audio company Big Finish is releasing a special Doctor Who adventure to mark this year’s International Women’s Day.

Louise Jameson is writing and starring in The Eighth of March: A Ghost of Alchemy alongside Tom Baker, who’ll reprise his role as the Fourth Doctor.

In the drama, Jameson’s Leela and the Doctor meet renowned scientist Marie Curie (Holly Jackson Walters) on a trip to 1921 New York.

“But the time travellers are not the only people interested in the famous scientist,” said Big Finish. “Sinister forces are gathering around her and the TARDIS crew will have to work their utmost to keep her safe on her historic journey through the United States.”

“Marie Curie was just the most extraordinary and fascinating woman who saved many a life,” said Jameson. “She was also genuinely very shy and didn’t like crowds or public speaking. It was really hard to pare down to the story that we have now.”

The audio special also features the voices of Penelope Rawlins (Mrs. W. B. Meloney), Susan Penhaligon (Florence Harding), Harry Myers (President Harding), Akshaye Khanna (Dr Rushton) and Nicholas Farrell (Mr Browman).


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