Colin Morgan signs on for The Killing Kind

Emma Appleton and Colin Morgan are leading the cast of new UK drama series, The Killing Kind.

The series, which is currently filming in Bristol, follows top-flight barrister Ingrid Lewis, who is used to dealing with tricky clients, but no-one rivals John Webster – good-looking, successful and charismatic.

Webster was accused of harassment and stalking by an ex-girlfriend and in court Ingrid defended him, winning the case. Following the trial, Ingrid got close to Webster – too close – and when she tried to exit the relationship, he turned on her and her world imploded.

Speaking about her role, Appleton said: “When I first read The Killing Kind script I was so intrigued by Ingrid and the twists and turns we take as the story goes on.”

Morgan added: “Getting the opportunity to explore a more dark and complex role with John Webster has been enlightening and such fun. Working with the brilliant Emma Appleton has already been such a highlight, along with the rest of the incredible cast. The story had me hooked from page one and I am looking forward to seeing it play out on screen.” 

The cast also includes Elliot Barnes-Worrell, Rob Jarvis, Kerr Logan, Sara Powell and Nicholas Rowe.

The show will be released on Paramount Plus.


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