Comic-Con adventures

This weekend I’m attending the London Film and Comic-Con, the first time I’ve been to this kind of event.

This year’s event is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Back To The Future and stars Micheal J Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson reunited on stage yesterday to discuss the film’s enduring appeal.

Lloyd, who of course played Doc Brown, said he thinks a lot of it is down to the relationship between Doc and Marty. “It’s hard to define their relationship. It’s a classic mentor/young person relationship” he told us. “Also, it’s a family picture”.

Lea Thompson was asked what was her favourite memory of working on the film to which she told us “I got to kiss Michael so that was good times”.

Talking about how he imagined the future while making the film, Fox told us he’d “nailed the receding hairline”.

It really was a thrill to see the three of them together. Thompson is really protective of Fox and was making sure he was ok throughout the press conference. Christopher Lloyd now looks a lot like his character in Who Framed Roger Rabbit (without the cartoonish elements).

Elsewhere around the Con I’ve been busy interviewing some of the Game of Thrones cast for Flicks And The City. Yesterday I had a chat with Hodor, Pod and Loras – all absolutely lovely (and I managed to get complete sentences out of Hodor).

My favourite sight at the Con so far has been Cinderella (in full cosplay outfit) queuing for Hodor’s autograph!

More adventures beckon today.

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