Sherlock star to play Dracula

Sherlock’s Mark Gatiss will play Count Dracula in a new audio version of Bram Stoker’s classic story.

Gatiss will star as the Count in the adaptation by Big Finish which will be released in May.
‘It’s a part I’ve always wanted to play,’ says Gatiss, ‘and I’ve been rehearsing for forty-eight years. You may be able to tell that in the relish and bloodied glee in which I approach this role!’

The production will also stars Deirdre Mullins and Joseph Kloska as Mina and Jonathan Harker; Nigel Betts as Abraham Van Helsing; Rupert Young as John Seward; and David Menkin as Quincey P. Morris.

Also lending their vocal talents are Alex Jordan as Arthur Holmwood; Rosanna Miles as Lucy Westenra; Ian Hallard as Renfield; Elizabeth Morton as Mary Westenra; Edward Petherbridge as Mr Swales; and Katy Manning as Sister Agatha.

Dracula will be released in May 2016 – 119 years after the story’s original publication – spanning three hours on three CDs, with a bonus fourth CD comprising interviews with the cast and crew, plus a suite of James Dunlop’s score for the production. The four-disc set is available to pre-order now at a discounted price of £20 (CD) or £15 (download).

You can hear a sneak preview below.

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