Stephen Fry’s new book is about ties

Stephen Fry has written a new 320 page book about “man’s greatest clothing companion”, the neck tie.

Fry’s Ties will feature facts and personal stories about his own tie collection and how they are linked to his life.

“I have a curious obsession with ties. So I’ve written a book about them.” said Fry.

Explaining more about the format, the book’s publishers saod: “Discover the tales behind the ties in Stephen Fry’s witty companion to our most distinguished accessory, the perfect gift for the tie-wearer in your life.

“Every single one of Stephen Fry’s ties – whether floral, fluorescent, football themed; striped or spotty, outrageous or simply debonair – tells an intimate tale about a moment in Stephen’s life.

“Inspired by Stephen’s hugely popular Instagram posts, this book will feature beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations and photographs to celebrate his expansive collection of man’s greatest clothing companion: The Tie, in all its sophisticated glory.

Fry’s Ties will be published on 11th November.


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