Bake-Off winner to publish children’s book

Great British Bake-Off winner Nadiya Hussain will publish a book of stories and recipes for kids later this year.

Nadiya’s book will be called Bake Me a Story and is a collection of recipes and stories that have been rewritten with a “modern twist”. For example, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears and the Very Berry Shopping List” will be included, alongside a recipe for Very Berry Breakfast Muffins.

Nadiya says she has always wanted to write a book for children. “I bake with my children and I grew up with parents who are big cooks. My Dad always said that kids shouldn’t be scared of the kitchen. We forget that it’s a life skill, to be able to go into the kitchen and make something to eat.”

Nadiya is writing all of the stories herself, and says she has always had a passion for storytelling. “I got the writing bug when I was about eight and won a national poetry competition as a child. So for me this was a no-brainer.”

The book will be organised according to time of day, with stories and recipes for breakfast, lunch and before bed, because “you don’t want a story at 5 pm that will have kids bouncing off the walls”.

Bake Me a Story will be released on September 8.

Meanwhile Nadiya’s recipe book for adults is due to be published in June.

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