Cate Blanchett heads to the Great White Way

Here’s another reason for me to be jealous of New Yorkers (other than the fact they live in my favourite city in the world) – Cate Blanchett will make her Broadway debut later to year.

I was surprised that she hadn’t starred on Broadway before.

Blanchett will appear alongside Richard Roxburgh in The Present, a new version of Chekhov’s play, Platonov, by Blanchett’s husband Andrew Upton.

The Sydney Theatre Company production has already run in Australia where it opened to wide acclaim, and is staged by John Crowley, whose latest film is the Oscar nominated Brooklyn.

Upton’s version of the play is the mid-1990s at an old country house where friends gather to celebrate the birthday of the independent but compromised widow Anna Petrovna (Blanchett).

Among the guests is the acerbic and witty Platonov (Roxburgh) with his wife, former students, friends and their partners. Their comfortable poses soon give way deeper veins of regret, denial and desire.

No word yet on an official opening date – it’s expected to debut in “early winter 2016”.

Fingers crossed for a London transfer.

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