Could The West Wing make a return to TV?

Rob Lowe has hinted that The West Wing could be set to make a return.

Lowe says he’d “be up for a reboot” and he thinks “that might happen”.

Speaking to TV Guide, Lowe, who left the show after its fourth season – but did make a comeback in the final episodes – said “I’m always up for [a] Netflix The West Wing reboot,”

“I know [show creator] Aaron [Sorkin] would have some unbelievable, unexpected journey that Sam would have been on.”

There are no official plans in place, but Sorkin has previously said he would be up for brining the show back “without harming its legacy.”

“To put that band back together would be amazing,” Lowe continued, before adding, “I think that that might happen.”

The show ended in 2006 and I’m not quite sure how you bring back those characters aome 11 years later. Maybe Sam could have run for President and he brings back the old gang?

What do you think? Would you watch The West Wing again?

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