Julian Fellowes has begun writing the Downton Abbey movie

There’s been talk of a Downton Abbey film ever since the hit drama came to an end 18 months ago.

So far it’s been lots of people saying they think it will happen rather than it is.

While it’s still not been given the green light, the show’s creator Julian Fellowes has revealed he has begun writing a script.

In a webchat with the Guardian, Fellowes said, “I’ve done some work on the script because I don’t want to find there’s a green light and no script ready. But we’re still waiting for that green light from the studio.

“Then the biggest difficulty will be rounding up all the cast as, compared with most series, it has such a large cast. And it needs them to feel Downtonesque. I know the cast are behind it and there’s a big audience out there.

“But it’s pretty likely the Downton movie will happen.”

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