Comic-Con catch-up: Thor Ragnarok, Black Panther

Every year Marvel bring it to Hall H at Comic-Con and 2917 was no exception.

Not only did they announce that Brie Larsen’s Captain Marvel will be set in the 90s (so before the first Iron Man) but we’ll get to see Nick Fury pre-eye patch and the Skrulls will be the big bads.

Plus, Michelle Pfeiffer has been cast as Janet Van Dyne in Ant-Man and the Wasp, she joins Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lily, Michael Douglas and the newly announced Laurence Fishburne.

Things got seriously cool though when the cast of Thor: Ragnarok took to the stage.

Not only did they unveil a brand new poster…

…but also a brand new trailer which looks awesome!

The Thor gang were followed on stage by the cast of Black Panther.

No new footage for Black Panther but there is a brand new poster.

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