UKTV lands The White Princess

The White Princess, the Starz-produced drama based on Phillipa Gregory’s novel, has finally found a home with UKTV.

The drama is a sequel to The White Queen which was aired in BBC One in the UK and helped make Rebecca Ferguson a star. However, the BBC decided against being involved in the sequel.

The White Princess will air on Drama from November 11th and will also be available via UKTV Play.

It stars Jodie Comer, Suki Waterhouse and Michelle Fairley.

The story picks up as the tumultuous War of the Roses comes to an end and a new generation ascends to the throne in a tale of power, political clashes, family, love and betrayal.

A fragile peace is achieved when former King, Richard III, is defeated at the Battle of Bosworth. The victor, Henry Tudor, soon to be King Henry VII (Jacob Collins-Levy), is married to Elizabeth (Jodie Comer) – a princess from a rival house and Richard III’s former lover.

With her sister, Cecily of York (Suki Waterhouse), Elizabeth matches wits and wills with Lady Margaret Beaufort (Michelle Fairley), King Henry VII’s mother. They each manoeuvre to gain his trust.


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