Obama and Biden go time-travelling

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are being turned into time-travellers in a new animated series.

Creator Adam Reid has raised an initial $108,000 from crowdfunding to develop Barry & Joe: The Animated Series.

Conan O’Brien has joined the project as an executive producer.

The series has been described as ‘Jonny Quest meets Quantum Leap, if Jonny and Hadji were actually former Democratic leaders and the entire Hanna-Barbera writing staff were on mescaline during development’ and will focus on the ‘bromance’ between the two main characters and their desire to make a better world.

The show’s villain is someone called Trump – never seen, but represented by a tiny orange hand.

Reid said: “My nerdy heart is exploding,” at the thought his idea could become reality. “It’s bananas.”

He told Newsweek: “It’s an escapist liberal fantasy, but it’s also kind of about things we care about and characters we care about. I think the goal is that people laugh and feel catharsis at the same time.”

Reid said it would not be a direct reaction to current events, as the news moves too quickly.

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