The Day-long Lynch-a-thon

The UK publisher of David Lynch’s memoirs is staging a marathon Twin Peaks viewing session to coincide with the publication of his memoirs.

The event will be live streamed by publisher Canongate, beginning at 8am on 19th June and running for 18 hours.

However, fans won’t be able to take part in the marathon viewing of Twin Peaks: The Return. Instead, the livestream will allows fans to watch the staff at Canongate watching the series – which, when you think about it, is very David Lynch.

There will also be commentary through the Canongate Twitter account, @canongatebooks, as it shares reactions to the series, interesting points from Lynch’s memoirs Room to Dream and “the gradual descent into claustrophobia and madness”, according to the publishers.

Lynch fans are invited to drop into Canongate’s Edinburgh office during the day to participate in the marathon.

Room to Dream is described as part-memoir, part-biography, and interweaves Lynch’s own reflections on his life with the story of those times as told by journalist Kristine McKenna, drawing from extensive interviews with 90 of Lynch’s friends, family members, ex-wives, actors, agents, musicians and collaborators.

It is released in the UK on 19th June.

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