Night of the Living Dead immersive show to open in London

A brand new immersive theatre production based on the 1968 horror film Night of the Living Dead will open in London later this year.

The production will be staged at the same secretive dedicated immersive complex as the upcoming show Variant 31, and will see audience members thrown into a world filled with flesh-eating zombies, barricaded in an old farmhouse and having to remain safe as the horde descends.

The new immersive show is inspired by the work of the film’s creator George A Romero and not associated with his estate.

Producer Frazer Brown said: “It’s been a long journey from a seed of an idea in 2006 to our development workshops in 2016. Along the way, we have had wonderful support from some of the people involved in the original film and I think we’ve created a loving tribute to the zombie film that started it all.”

Specific dates haven’t been announced yet, but I suspect we’ll see it running around Halloween.

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