Lisa Kudrow joins Mae and George

Lisa Kudrow has been confirmed among the cast of new comedy series Mae and George.

The show is being made by  E4 in the UK and will be available on Netflix in the rest of the world.

The six episode series is filming now in Manchester and sees award-winning Canadian comedian Mae Martin delve into her own story which explores love, addiction and where the two intersect.

Charlotte Ritchie stars as Mae’s new girlfriend George, who is both the balm to Mae’s anxiety and the cause of it.

Sophie Thompson plays Maggie, Mae’s fellow recovering addict and confidante.

Lisa Kudrow is Mae’s powerful and charismatic mother Linda who, despite living in Canada, still impacts Mae’s life from afar.

Adrian Lukis plays Mae’s romantic English father, whilst Philip Burgers is Mae and George’s enigmatic flatmate Phil. Ophelia Lovibond also co-stars as one of George’s friends.

Charlotte Ritchie said: “It is a total dream to be involved in a show like this. It is so thoughtfully written and full of beautiful details but also makes me laugh so much. I feel so very grateful to be part of it.”

Sophie Thompson commented: “I wanted this job so much after reading the scripts – to me they were so funny, scorchingly honest and profoundly human. When I got the job – I literally did a jig of deep glee. Mae amazes me, and so does Joe – to be a part of something so original is such a genuine joy.”

Lisa Kudrow added: “I’m thrilled to be playing Linda but I first fell in love with Mae and the scripts she and Joe wrote. It’s sweet and very funny and awkward and well observed.”

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