Captain Jack is The Doctor???

John Barrowman’s Captain Jack Harkness takes on the role of Doctor Who in a new audio adventure.

The latest series from Big Finish sees Captain Kjack take on the many coloured coat of Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor – when his old friend is incapacitated.

Called Piece of Mind and written by James Goss, the new audio story will form one of three parts of The Lives of Captain Jack Volume Two, which also sees Barrowman’s Jack Harkness head to the trenches of the First World War and tackle fake news.

“As we had such a great time doing the first volume it seemed a lovely idea to do another,” Goss said of the new collection of stories, which he also produced.

“Amazingly, John managed to find time for us AND capture a nation’s heart in the jungle. Hearing him face off against Colin Baker’s Doctor is the joy we’ve all been waiting for.”

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