Debbie Harry’s autobiography gets release date

Blondie’s Debbie Harry is writing her autobiography, which will be released later this year.

Face It is scheduled to be released on 1st October.

It will cover Blondie’s early days in New York and their rise to global fame. Harry has written the book in collaboration with journalist and author Sylvie Simmons, and it will include interviews with Simmons and original essays from Harry.

Unseen photographs and art from fans will also feature in the memoir, described by publishers HarperCollins as “an arresting mix of visceral storytelling and stunning visuals that reflects the complexity of its subject.”

“I didn’t want to [write it], but I did,” said Harry. “There are many more stories for me to tell; some funny, some scary, some warm, some chill to the bone and if Face It appeals to people then I will get to telling more of the anecdotal bits of the story of Blondie – like the time I met Rita Hayworth and Penny Singleton backstage at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

“This book is biographical and covers a lot of years. I know there will be questions asked because in putting this together, I realised I have led a very full life and couldn’t possibly cover everything in just one volume. I’m prepared for the best and the worst comments, much like when I have released an album or done a big show. I don’t have a thick skin, but I do have a pretty good sense of humour.”

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