James Milner signs book deal

Liverpool footballer James Milner has signed a deal for a book promising to answer all his fans’ questions about what goes on in a professional football player’s life.

Ask A Footballer has been written with the help of The Times’ chief football correspondent Oliver Kay and is described as a “wonderfully entertaining and informative journey through the thrills and spills, the peaks and troughs of high-level professional football”.

The book is due to be published on 31st October.

According to the book’s synopsis: “Milner will explore the daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms of life at the top of his profession, the physical and psychological demands, the accolades and rewards which come from being successful, and the disappointments which inevitably follow if you come second best.

“He’ll take fans into the gym and physio’s room and out onto the training ground, into the dressing-room and tunnel, and out onto the pitch to show fans what he experiences each week in this personable, funny and often hilariously self-deprecating book.”

Milner announced the book on Twitter, asking fans to pose him a question. He told them: “If you ever had a question that you wanted answering on football: what happens behind the scenes; the path to the top; how to look after yourself… or anything else… then I’m ready to answer them in my new book – get them over using #AskAFootballer”

He said: “I am looking forward to answering questions from fans and sharing insights of my experiences within the game.”

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