JJ Abrams teases upcoming Spider-Man comic

Star Wars director JJ Abrams is collaborating with his son Henry on a new Spider-Man comic book series.

In a video to tease their five-issue miniseries, JJ and Henry are joined by Spider-Man editor Nick Lowe, as well as animated versions of artwork from the series by Sara Pichelli. The three discuss how the project came about and the creation of new villain Cadaverous, “one of the most terrifying Spider-Man villains of all time, and that’s saying something,” according to Lowe; plus, how the Abramses approach writing Peter Parker and his costumed alter ego.

“Spider-Man in general has been one of the most interesting superhero characters to me: how when he gets stronger, his problems get bigger,” Henry Abrams explained. “A large focus on our series was [Spider-Man] as a person and not just him as a mask. So how does he deal with these real issues? It’s been a pleasure exploring that.”

The series, titled Spider-Man, will be released by Marvel Entertainment both digitally and in comic book stores on 18th September.


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