Would you read a LEGO ‘wellness activity’ book?

A LEGO wellness activity book for adults, which promises to help readers “practice mindfulness, explore creativity and unwind” will be published in October.

Build Yourself Happy: The Joy of LEGO Play will be published on 3rd October.

According to the book’s publisher DK, it will enable readers to reduce stress and increase happiness through playing with the toy bricks. The synopsis explains: “This new LEGO wellbeing book aims to introduce adults to the calming benefits of LEGO play, with activities and ideas to help readers relax, find balance and improve wellbeing.”

lego book

LEGO publishing director Robin Pearson added: “LEGO bricks have a timeless appeal and building with them can be just as rewarding for adults as it is for kids. We’re excited to work with DK on this book which explores how playing with LEGO bricks can help you practice mindfulness, explore creativity and unwind.”

Headon said: “You don’t need a goal when you’re playing with LEGO bricks – nobody is going to give you marks out of ten. Your LEGO time is just for you to disconnect from your daily worries by connecting bricks.”

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