The Aeronauts – film review

You would think re-teaming Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones in a film co-written by Jack Thorne would guaranteed box office success. Alas, not.

I hate to make the obvious pun, but The Aeronauts never really takes off.

It’s nice enough. Jones plays pilot Amelia Wren who takes Redmayne’s scientist James Glisher up, up and away so he can develop his meteorological theories (ie, discover more about the weather).

Off they go in their gas balloon, dealing with thunder, ice and whatever else is thrown at them.

Unfortunately, it’s all just a bit predictable. You know throughout where the story is going, the peril they face never seems more than a bit mild (excuse the weather pun).

At best, The Aeronauts is perfect for a wet Sunday afternoon spent on the sofa.

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