Could Life of Brian become a stage play?

John Cleese is reportedly working on turning Monty Python’s Life of Brian in to a stage play.

In an interview with Canadian newspaper the Winnipeg Free Press, Cleese said: “Next year, I’m looking forward to writing the next volume of my autobiography, and then adapting Life of Brian into a stage show.”

In a separate interview Cleese said he won’t be turning the film in to a musical.

Meanwhile, the second volume of his memoirs will cover Python and Fawlty Towers and probably A Fish Called Wanda.

“I’ll be going into the sketches in much greater detail and doing analyses. Last time people said there wasn’t enough Monty Python—because there was hardly any—and probably this time people will say there’s too much about it,” Cleese said.

“But that won’t matter, because they can skim. I’m explaining why I thought this sketch was superior to that sketch, and the fans will love it.”

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