Andy Murray: Resurfacing – film review

Andy Murray: Resurfacing, released by Amazon Prime in 200 countries and territories around the world, offers viewers a glimpse behind the scenes of how a man at the top of his game was brought to rock bottom by injury. And how he slowly climbed back up that mountain when it looked like he might never play again.

It’s a film for Murray fans, it’s a film for tennis fans, but ultimately it’s a film that shows what a fighter Murray is.

Starting in January 2018 when the two-time Wimbledon Champion was at the peak of his powers, having reached the world number one spot, Olivia Cappuccini’s film follows Murray as he decides to have an operation on his hip to help relieve some of the pain he’d been experiencing.

What follows became a surprise to both the director and Murray himself. Originally meant to document his recovery from that operation, the film continues through the rest of the year as Murray attempts to return to the court. As fans will know, the hip issue became worse leading to an incredibly emotional match at this year’s Australian Open which it looked like it might be the final time fans would see him on court.

Murray then decided to have the hip resurfacing surgery that many players have not been able to come back from. He allows Cappuccini full access to both the operation and the recovery – and it is full access, she is in the theatre as he undergoes the surgery, and viewers see what happens to hip in all its gory detail.

The film wouldn’t have worked without the full-on access Murray, his team, and his wife Kimberley grant Cappuccini. You see the man off the court, how he loves to joke with his team, at home with his two daughters, pretty much every part of Murray’s life over the course of 18 months is laid bare.

It pays off, Andy Murray: Resurfacing is an emotional, funny, sometimes joyous, and at times quite painful watch. It’s a film that goes beyond the athlete and shows the viewer the man. Murray and Cappuccini smashed it.

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