Mark Gatiss takes on Dracula again

Mark Gatiss is returning to the world of Dracula, this time playing the Count himself.

Gatiss co-wrote the recent Dracula TV series with Steven Moffat, will lead the cast of Dracula’s Guests, a prequel to the original novel, written by Jonathan Barnes as an audio play for Big Finish.

The new prequel is intended as “the opening chapter in a trilogy of terrifying Dracula audio adventures”.

gatiss dracula

“As a life-long horror fan, vampires – and Dracula in particular – were always my favourite of them all,” Gatiss said. “Stoker very mysteriously never bothered to write a sequel, but I thought it would be quite an interesting thing to come back to. He’s always coming back, isn’t he? It’s the point of Dracula.”

Starring alongside Gatiss are David Bamber as Jeremiah Hart, Ian Hallard as RM Renfield and Hannah Arterton as Sabine.

Dracula’s Guests will be released in February 2020 and is available now from to preorder.

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