Immersive Great Gatsby to return to London

An immersive staging of The Great Gatsby will return to London in October, with social distancing measures in place.

The show’s producers Louis Hartshorn and Brian Hook have re-imagined the long-running production so that it will be presented as an Art Deco Masquerade Ball, with audience members having to wear compulsory and fancy face coverings throughout the show.

The plan to re-open the production at West End venue IMMERSIVE | LDN on 1st October.

Capacity will be reduced significantly and temperature checks will be in place for audience members, performers and all other staff. The entire space will be deep cleaned before and after every performance, bar equipment sterilised, and hand sanitisers will be available throughout the venue.

Hartshorn and Hook said: “We want to offer something for people to look forward to following this extended lockdown. Our show has several inherent features that make it safer than a trip to the supermarket, so we’re embracing that and innovating. Hopefully, we can provide a blueprint for other productions to open safely and be part of the process of restoring employment and the economy of the creative industries.

“Naturally, public health is the highest priority of all, and this will be the driving force behind all of our decisions. We’re implementing a no-questions-asked exchange policy so that if circumstances change, whether in general or for any individual, our patrons will be fully protected. We would like to thank our landlord, Grosvenor Estates, and our producing partners and investors for their creativity, camaraderie and continued support.”

The hope is that the production will provide a blue-print for other immersive productions to re-open.

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