This podcast will blow your bloody socks off

Sir Michael Caine is to host a new podcast series about remarkable heists around the world.

The six-part series for Audible will see the Oscar-winner look at stories that “inspired some of Hollywood’s most famous heist films” from the Antwerp diamond robbery (the biggest in history) to the Transylvania University rare book heist.

The series, titled Heist with Michael Caine, will be available for download on the Audible website from 7th July.

Speaking about the series, Caine said, “Throughout my career I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in some of cinema’s most famous heists, but the true stories in this series are utterly astounding.”

“They really do mean it when they say fact is stranger than fiction – the ingenuity of the perpetrators, and the determination of those working to bring them to justice, is a marvel to listen to,” he said. “To amend a much loved phrase, this podcast’ll blow your bloody socks off.”

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