Toni Collette to make her directorial debut

Toni Collette is making her directorial debut with a new film written by British comedian Mark Watson.

The Best Of is based on a novel by Australian author Graeme Simsion (who also write The Rosie Project) and revolves around an IT specialist Adam Sharp who has a stable, unexceptional life with his matter-of-fact wife Claire. 

But when his first love, Angelina, gets in touch with an offer of reuniting, Adam must choose between the fantasy of a life he might have had and the reality of his marriage in its quiet beauty.

“I doubt my name will be in too many sentences with Toni Collette’s in my lifetime, so I guess I’m RTing this,” said Watson on Twitter.

“Re the implausible Watson/Collette team-up in the last RT – I should say, it’s probably still 11 steps from actually getting made, but what’s the use of being strung along by this business if you can’t occasionally look good to your mum.” Watson added.


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