Ashley and Jordan Banjo sign book deal

Diversity’s Ashley and Jordan Banjo will release their first book in April 2021.

Fly High Crew: the Green Glow follows brothers Trey and Jax who spend their time after school rehearsing with their street dance collective, the Fly High Crew.

One evening, practice is interrupted when they see a weird green beam of light flash down out of the sky which makes all the adults in their lives suddenly start behaving very strangely indeed…

Aliens have landed and are mind-controlling the parents and teachers as part of their mission for galactic domination; can the Fly High Crew work together as a team to foil their extra-terrestrial plan? 

Speaking about the book, the Banjo brothers said, “We’ve always told stories in our own way through our dance and through our shows, so to have the opportunity to bring a story to life that we genuinely love is awesome. We can’t wait for kids everywhere to read it and see what else the Banjo Brothers can do!”

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