Strictly’s Oti debuts first children’s book

Strictly Come Dancing star Oti Mabuse has revealed the cover to her first children’s book, Dance with Oti.

The book about a dance class, where she is the teacher.

“Dance with Oti is such an exciting book,” said Mabuse. “It’s all about kids coming together for their first dance class and shows no matter what we could all have fun dancing.”

The book also aims to get kids active by including a dance routine for them to learn at home called The Bird Jive, taught in ten easy steps.

The book’s official description reads, “There are lots of children in Oti’s dance class – and lots of feelings, too. Meet Fikile in her sparkly new shoes and Naira who is SUPER excited to get started! Gan is feeling a little worried about joining in and Olivia is still getting over her nap. Martin can’t wait to show his parents what he can do!

“But in the middle of their dance routine, an unexpected visitor disrupts the class. Not to fear, Oti is here! Soon they are back on track, getting ready for the performance of their lives.”

Dance with Oti will be released on 3rd June 2021.

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