Ernest Cline reveals new Ready Player Two details

Author Ernest Cline has revealed some new plot details about his forthcoming Ready Player One sequel.

The new book, unsurprisingly titled Ready Player Two, follows Wade Watts days after he’s won James Halliday’s contest.

In the new story, Wade makes a discovery that changes everything, Cline revealed at New York Comic Con.

Cline’s description for the book reads, “Hidden within Halliday’s vaults, waiting for his heir to find, lies a technological advancement that will once again change the world and make the OASIS a thousand times more wondrous–and addictive–then even Wade dreamed possible,” said Cline.

“With it comes a new riddle, and a new quest–a last Easter egg from Halliday, hinting at a mysterious prize. And an unexpected, impossibly powerful, and dangerous new rival awaits, one who’ll kill millions to get what he wants. Wade’s life and the future of the OASIS are again at stake, but this time the fate of humanity also hangs in the balance.”

Ready Player Two will be released on 24th November.

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