Meat Loaf working on TV show based on one of his songs

It seems obvious really, of course Meat Loaf would turn I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That) into a TV competition.

The singer is working with the production company behind’s Netflix’s Nailed It on a relationship competition series.

As well as executive producing the show, Meat loaf will also be on hand to offer advice to the couples who will compete in a variety of comedic physical games designed to reveal how well they can work together and how much they really trust and believe in each other – all to a soundtrack of classic hits, performed live in studio by the original artists as well as new stars.

In each episode, two couples will put their relationship on the line for the show’s cash prize. After two rounds of physical contests, inspired and accompanied by ballads, the couple on top will advance to the Endgame, where their faith in each other will undergo the “ultimate challenge”.

The show is currently being offered to both TV networks and streamers.

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