David Hasselhoff to play…David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff is taking on the role of a lifetime, playing himself in a new German comedy series.

In the show, the ‘Hoff’ is cast in a theatre play in Germany only to be caught up in an international conspiracy involving former Cold War assassins. 

German actor Henry Hübchen will co-star in the show, which is called Ze Network, as a version of himself — a famous Eastern German actor who might also be an international spy.

The show is being made by German broadcaster RTL.

Speaking about his latest role, Hasselhoff said: “Knight Rider was incredibly successful for both me and RTL. Returning now 30 years later to do a cutting-edge series and working with RTL again is a dream come true. The series is funny, deadly, creative, and informative … simply exciting. Fact or fiction, you decide.”

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