New book dissects the career of Eddie Murphy

Author Mark Searby is publishing his latest book in November, this time focusing on the career of Eddie Murphy.

Searby’s previous titles include Rik Mayall: Comedy Genius and Al Pacino: The Movies Behind The Man.

In Eddie Murphy: Deliriously Funny, takes a look at the funnyman’s career, including the highs and lows.

Searby has spoken with a number of people who have worked with Murphy, including Reginald Hudlin (Boomerang), Katt Williams (Norbit), Keith Robinson (Dreamgirls), David Patrick Kelly (48 Hrs.), Steven Berkoff (Beverly Hills Cop) and more.

“A pioneer of a new form of much- loved entertainment that was speaking to an entirely new Black generation. It featured a combative edge, an edge that put racism and sexism front and centre throughout,” said Searby.

“Eddie Murphy was doing that with his stand-up to a huge audience – Black and white. Arguably, prior to Murphy the only Black people in mainstream entertainment that had global recognition were singers Michael Jackson and Prince, and also basketball player Magic Johnson. When Murphy came through and busted down the door it created a tidal wave of Black entertainers that became international stars. People such as Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Will Smith, Kevin Hart, Michael B. Jordan.”

Eddie Murphy: Deliriously Funny will be published on 15th November.


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