Is Peter Jackson returning to Middle-earth?

Could director Peter Jackson be ready to return to the work of JRR Tolken? Well it’s a possibility…

Warner Bros Discovery has announced it plans to return to Middle-earth after signing a deal to make “multiple” films based on Tolkien’s work.

Warner Bros released Jackson’s original trilogy as well as The Hobbit films.

No filmmakers have been attached to the project yet, however Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens have released a statement, which is odd if they’re not going to be involved at all.

They said Warner Bros has “kept us in the loop every step of the way” as it negotiated the new deal.

“We look forward to speaking with them further to hear their vision for the franchise moving forward,” the trio said.

I could be reading things into this, but it doesn’t sound like a statement from creatives who aren’t interested in returning to Middle-earth.

There’s lots to be agreed on and sorted out, and dotted lines to be signed, but it certainly looks something is in the air…

Oh, and these films will be separate to Amazon’s The Rings of Power.

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