Snooker champ turns crime author

Five-time world snooker champion Ronnie O’Sullivan is writing his first novel.

His debut book, Framed, is set in the “dog-eat-dog underworld of 1980s Soho” and follows “a young man with a lot on his shoulders”, called Frankie James.

Said to draw on O’Sullivan’s own compelling life story, the book tells the tale of James, whose parent aren’t around after his mother disappeared when he was 15 and his father is in jail for armed robbery.

He owes rent on a snooker club in Soho he’s inherited to one of London’s toughest gangsters. Worse, he swore to his mother that he’d look after his younger, “wilder” brother, Jack. So when Jack goes to prison after turning up at the club early one morning with blood on his hands, Frankie must do all he can to help his brother avoid conviction: he needs to find out who framed Jack and why.

The task will mean “entering the sordid world of bent coppers, ruthless mobsters and twisted killers he’s tried all his life to avoid getting sucked into”.

Framed is due to be published on November 17th.


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