Tolkien poem to be republished

A poem by JRR Tolkien which has been out of print for 70 years will be republished in November.

The 508 line poem, titled The Lay of Autrou and Itroun tells of the childless couple Aotrou and Itroun (Breton: lord and lady), who are helped by a Korrigan, a Breton term for a fairy.

When Autrou refuses to pay the price of marrying the Korrigan, he dies three days later and his wife, Itroun, subsequently dies of grief, leaving the twins she bore them to grow up as orphans.

It’s thought the Korrigan in the poem could be a precursor for The Lord of the Rings’ Galadriel.

According to publisher HarperCollins “The sequence shows the corrigan’s increasingly powerful presence, as she takes an ever more active role in the lives of Aotrou and Itroun, Lord and Lady.

She would finally emerge, changed in motive and character but still recognisable, in The Lord of the Rings as the beautiful and terrible Lady of the Golden Wood.”

The poem will be released alongside other Tolkien Corrigan Poems on November 3 in the UK and US.

Anyone else think it sounds like a perfect film script? Paging Peter Jackson…


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