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First look: Tolkien – trailer

Here’s the first trailer for the forthcoming film about JRR Tolkien.

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New online Lord of the Rings game coming

It might be almost 20 year’s since Peter Jackson first took us to Middle Earth with The Fellowship of the Ring, but it seems the entertainment world still can’t get enough of Professor Tolkien’s classic tale.

We know Amazon is busy working on a new small-screen series based on the Rings mythology, and now it’s been revealed a new online game is coming too.

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Opinion: You shall not pass!

I woke up this morning to an email alerting me to the fact that Warner Bros TV and Amazon are in talks to turn JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings into a TV series.

My jaw hit the floor.

I’m sorry but how can anyone think a new version of LOTR less than 20 years after Peter Jackson’s epic trilogy arrived in cinemas is a good idea? Oh yeh, the money men. Fools of a Took!

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