New Pride and Prejudice sequel to focus on Mary and Kitty

2017 is the 200-year anniversary of Jane Austen’s death and a new sequel to her greatest novel will be released.

Perception is a sequel to Pride and Prejudice and is described as a “lively, entertaining” story set several years after the events of the original novel and follows the fates of the lesser-known Bennet sisters: quiet, bookish Mary and fun-loving Kitty.

Jemima Forrester, senior commissioning editor for Orion Fiction has bought the rights to the book by Terri Fleming.

Forrester said: “Perception captured my imagination – and my love of all things Jane Austen – when it first crossed my desk. I always felt Mary and Kitty got a raw deal in Pride and Prejudice and longed to know how life turned out for them.

“Terri has perfectly captured the boisterous, loving, at times slightly dysfunctional, Bennet family, as well as introducing a cast of brilliant new characters that readers will love.”

Perception will be published in July 2017.

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