Daisy Ridley’s Ophelia finds her Hamlet

Daisy Ridley is starring in a new film about the Prince of Denmark, told from the point of view of his doomed love interest Ophelia.

Naomi Watts had previously been announced to play Gertrude and now the roles of Hamlet, Cladius, Laertes and Horatio  have been confirmed.

George MacKay will play Hamlet, Clive Owen has been cast as Claudius, Harry Potter’s Tom Felton is Ophelia’s brother Laertes and Devin Terrell will be Horatio.

Theis version of the classic tale is based on Lisa Klein’s novel which sets Ophelia as the Queen’s most trusted lady-in-waiting. She soon captures the attention of the handsome Prince Hamlet and a forbidden love blossoms. As war brews, lust and betrayal are tearing Elsinore Castle apart from within and Ophelia must decide between her true love or her own life in order to protect a very dangerous secret.

It’s being directed by Claire McCarthy and filming begins this month in Prague.

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