Andrew Lincoln to narrate new JK Rowling audiobook

The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln is lending his voice to a new book from Pottermore and Audible.

He will read new audiobook Quidditch Through the Ages by JK Rowling.

The audiobook will be published globally on 15th March.

It will also have additional content by Rowling, previously published on, in the form of 2014 Quidditch World Cup match commentary by Ginny Potter, the Daily Prophet’s Quidditch correspondent, narrated by actress Imogen Church, and Rita Skeeter, narrated by actress Annette Badland, as they analyse players’ tactics and gossip about the game’s celebrity spectators.

It is being produced at Pinewood Studios. Using real objects and spatialised sound, Pinewood has created effects that thread through the recording, including a section that places listeners into the frenetic heart of a live Quidditch match.

A portion of the profits from the book will be donated to Comic Relief and Rowling’s charity Lumos.

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