Conchords take flight with new album

Flight of the Conchords are releasing a brand new album.

Live In London was recorded during Bret and Jemaine’s gig at Hammersmith Apollo last year.

It will be released as a download, double CD or triple vinyl LP on the Sub Pop label on March 8.

The album features seven new songs and 15 old favourites, including Foux da Fafa and The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room).

The new tracks are Iain and Deanna, Father and Son, Summer of 1353, Stana, Seagull, Back on the Road and Bus Driver.

You can listen to two of them at the bottom of the page.

Track listing:

1. Father and Son
2. Band Reunion
3. Iain and Deanna
4. Inner City Pressure
5. New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
6. Summer of 1353
7. Complimentary Muffin
8. Stana
9. Stuck in a Lift
10. Foux du Fafa
11. Seagull
12. Mutha’uckas – Hurt Feelings
13. One More Anecdote
14. Back on the Road
16. Bowie
17. Bus Driver
18. Tuning
19. Robots
20. Shady Rachel
21. Carol Brown
22. The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)

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